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Finding Your Footing: Tips for Joining Adult Soccer Leagues in Los Angeles

As an adult, it can be challenging to find a soccer league that’s right for your skill level and expectations. However, with LASportsNet, we are “the smarter way to play” for a reason. Our adult soccer leagues in Los Angeles are made for players of all skill levels. We want you to join us — but first, read out tips so you can make the most of your experience. 

Choose the Right League for Your Skill Level

The first step is picking the right league for you. At LASportsNet, we offer a variety of adult soccer leagues in Los Angeles to fit all skill levels and busy schedules. 

Whether you’re someone who played in high school or even collegiate or a newbie brand new to the sport, we have a roster spot with your name on it. 

First, think about what you’re looking for — is it competitive play, casual fun, or something in between? Then, choose a league that matches your goals and expectations.

LASportsNet Makes it Easy to Sign Up

Everything you need to do to sign up for our adult soccer league in Los Angeles can be done right here on our website. 

Just browse through the available leagues. Once you pick the one that matches your skill level and schedule, click the “sign-up” button.

That’s it! You can register as an individual, group of soccer-obsessed friends, or even as an entire team. 

Just fill out the registration form and pay your league fee. You’ll be scoring goals in no time.

What to Expect From LASportsNet’s Adult Soccer Leagues in Los Angeles 

Because LASportsNet is the largest social sports organization in LA, we know a thing or two about running a soccer league. Here’s what you can expect:

Game Format

Sure, our games are competitive, but they’re also inclusive. Expect fast-paced sprints on the pitch where teamwork and sportsmanship are also a part of everything you do. 

Each game lasts about an hour, and our LASportsNet officials make sure everyone gets plenty of playtime. At the end of the season, have fun striving for the championship during our playoff matches.  

It’s All About Our Communities

LASportsNet is different because it’s about more than just kicking around the ball during the games. We want all of our players to connect with the communities where we play. 

Our players can’t wait until after the game where we schedule social events at restaurants, pubs, or even cultural sites like art galleries. We even create community service days when our players help out LA neighborhoods

Bring This Equipment With You to the Adult Soccer League in Los Angeles

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to invest much into equipment to play with LASportsNet.

  • Soccer Cleats: Cleats provide traction on the field so you won’t slip while kicking.
  • Shin Guards: Keeps you from busting up your shins and legs
  • Soccer Ball: While we provide balls for games, having your own for practice always helps.
  • Athletic Clothing: LASportsNet suggests bringing comfortable clothing suitable for running and playing.
group photo of soccer league team

Joining LASportsNet Provides Benefits Outside of Enjoying Soccer

LASportsNet is a community. We provide a space for you to thrive as a person, teammate, and LA resident.

Improved Physical Health

This one is pretty obvious. Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day helps you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health. And you’ll get more than that during a game in our adult soccer league in Los Angeles. 

Social Connections

Joining LASportsNet means vibing with your community. You’ll make new friends, have fun at post-game social events, and even expand your network. Most of our players tell us that the connections they make on the field turn into lasting friendships off the pitch.

Register for Our Adult Soccer League in Los Angeles

Our soccer leagues are currently recruiting new players for the upcoming seasons. Do yourself a favor and sign up for something that you’ll know you’ll enjoy. We can’t wait to see you running the field and kicking goals with the LASportsNet community!