LASportsNet Leadership Team

Nathan Polzin, CEO & President of LASportsNet, bringing over 15 years of experience in social sports.

Nathan Polzin CEO and President

Nathan is the CEO & President of LASportsNet and brings over 15 years of experience in social sports both as a participant and as an organizer. Born in Wisconsin and having lived in NYC, Chicago, Charlotte and LA, he has experienced a vast array of social sport organizations and brings this expertise in making LASportsNet a more efficient and smarter organization. With a history of management, teaching and coaching, Nathan brings the perfect combination of leadership to the LASN team. During his free time he loves to stay active, whether it’s racing in triathlons, hiking, rock climbing or playing social sports. Nathan is looking forward to bringing LA the high quality and premier social sports organization that it deserves and is looking forward to meeting all of you out on the field!

Cam Jones, the CTO and Vice President of LASportsNet.

Cam Jones CTO

Cam is the CTO and Vice President of LASportsNet and has had over 12 years of experience building software and running companies. He brings as much passion for sports as he does for technology, and running a company that does both is really a dream come true. Cam grew up in San Diego, so being outdoors and active year-round is what led him to participate is such a wide variety of sports through the years. He’s played everything from Frisbee Golf to competitive Kickball and Softball, and looks forward to introducing as many people as possible to these fun, engaging activities, and if nothing else, to get out from behind the computer once in a while!